Constitutional Carry in Florida, or Bust!


– By: Jake Philip Loubriel (Liberty Jack) –

The state of gun rights in the State of Florida honestly does not prompt me to be in the least bit optimistic. While we residents of Florida are able to freely transport our firearms in our private vehicles, go to the shooting range to train, and store our firearms privately without fear of punishment; we are not able to openly exercise our God-given right to keep and bear arms without the possibility of being penalized, some paranoid leftist crying to law enforcement about any of us openly carrying our firearms, or even enjoying a lovely stroll in our local parks without having the cops question us due to numerous complaints about our brandishing of weapons (despite the fact that the Open Carry Ban does not apply to public parks).


Add all the mainstream news media outlets, controlled-opposition groups, and corrupt officials on all levels of state government, and one can see that Florida has become quite a cesspool of authoritarianism and corruption. It is not nearly as bad here as in places such as Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, or even London. However, that does not change the fact that all restrictions and infringements on the Second Amendment here in Florida need to be completely done away with.  Any true patriot in the State of Florida would indeed not be even remotely satisfied with the state of gun rights that the populace have to deal with.


Since the Open Carry Ban was imposed in 1987 by Janet Reno, the citizens’ God-given right to keep and bear arms has been under unrelenting assault; from the implementation of further regulations on the purchase of firearms to the widespread implementation of gun-free zones in public schools, places of worship, airports, and in places of public commerce.


As for the corrupt officials, these are men and women with no sort of moral compass, completely bought and pair for by the likes of Michael Bloomberg, through his proxies Moms Demand Action, One Pulse For America, & Everytown For Gun Safety. The most recent and most prominent examples of turncoats working to subject Florida to further tyranny are former Florida State Senator Miguel Diaz De La Portilla, Florida State Senate President Joe Negron, and Florida State Senator Ana Teresa ” Anitere ” Flores; prominent, Cuban, Communist individuals of influence from Miami-Dade County.


There were some pro-gun bills introduced in the FL State Legislature last year and the year before that were killed by these traitors by not having them heard on the State Senate Floor. These pro-gun bills were:

  • SB-128 [Restoring Self-defense Immunity]
  • SB-140 [Open Carry of a Handgun]
  • HB-6001 [Concealed Weapons & Firearms In Airport Terminals]
  • HB-6005 Campus Carry

These bills, while only seeking to remove certain restrictions on the Second Amendment, were an essential step in potentially voiding all other forms of gun control in the Sunshine State. However, now that these bills were stalled and defeated, it is incumbent that all true patriots in Florida unite and work together to fully restore the God-given right to keep and bear arms. There is a major opportunity coming early next year to make this happen. That is the Florida Constitutional Revision Committee meetings.


While I do believe it is a decent chance to fully restore the Second Amendment here in Florida, there also is a major likelihood that the Regressive Left, the mainstream news media, and the Global Elite will hijack these meetings to completely drive Florida into an oblivion of evil, chaos, tyranny, and corruption. That is why that all true patriots in Florida must not only unite, but physically attend these meetings, and possibly take over these meetings to see to it that not only our God-given right to keep and bear arms in Florida is fully restored, but to also implement a new, legitimate Florida State Constitution that is directly akin to the United States Constitution.


While it is an uphill battle, I do believe and I know that it is entirely possible that true patriots in Florida will emerge victorious in the fight to save our State. This is only possible if all true patriots, regardless of background, race, religion, affiliation, and creed unite, put aside the petty disagreements and differences, and work together as a true resistance against the MSM, Regressive Left, and Global Elite. 2018 is the time to make this happen, by and all means necessary.